Blogging.  Everyone does it.  Or has done it.  So I was going to stand my ground and not give into the fad.  Like when my mom said no to buying a computer mouse because “that won’t catch on” or when I refused to wear capris for 2 years for the same reason.

But I am weak.  I do wear capris and now I have a blog (and a mouse.)

Why?  Because my days are mundane in the best possible way.  Each day I have the privilege of feeding, teaching, entertaining, cleaning and cleaning up after 5 beautiful children.  But it is mundane nonetheless.  And as I load the dishwasher for the second time (before lunch!) I have these random deep thoughts that go through my head.  About God.  About a dying world.  About the purpose for pain.  About pointing my children to Christ.  About WHY IN THE WORLD DID WE USE 12 FORKS BEFORE LUNCH?!

So this blog will be the landing place for all my random deep thoughts.



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