A Peek at our Grandchildren’s Thanksgiving

Each year on Labor Day, one of my kids will ask, “Mom, what is Labor Day about?”  And I will make up something half-way intelligent, but honestly have very little idea for the reason myself.  At this point, my husband will google the heck out of it and we’ll all learn something new.

I predict that my own daughters could have a very similar conversation with my future grandchildren about Thanksgiving.  “Mom, what is Thanksgiving about?”  And she will struggle to make up something about turkeys and Indians.  Her husband will use his google brain chip to look it up and then teleport it to the kids’ google brain chips and all they will all learn something new.

See, this is exactly what a certain group of Americans want.  They want Thanksgiving to go away.  I mean, who wants to be reminded of how pasty-faced Europeans descended upon the tranquil, peace-loving Indians, practically dousing them with Typhoid and Bibles?  Isn’t Thanksgiving just a monument to greed, colonization and white supremacy?  Who wants to spend all day in the kitchen to remember that awful affair?

There’s another problem with Thanksgiving.  Pardon my language, but it’s so family-centered.  Sorry, I know that word is super offensive.  Babies are loved on and cherished.  Married, opposite-sex grandparents invite children into their home, where the patriarch (gasp! so many bad words!) may stand and pray to the God of the Bible (!!)  The women will cook food for the group (what?!) and the men may watch the barbaric game of football… in which someone might be injured!  You see, Thanksgiving brings together all that is wrong with America!

So how will the anti-American, anti-family progressives strip our grandchildren of the formerly-beloved Thanksgiving holiday?  Will our President outlaw it?  Will they take away it’s holiday status?  No.  They will do two things.  First, they will teach them about the evils of our nation’s founding.  Second, they will turn Thanksgiving into a shopping holiday, just like Labor Day and Memorial Day and all the rest.  Think “Thanksgiving Day Mattress Sale!”

A Peek at My Grandchildren's ThanksgivingI hope that my grandchildren will be part of the old-school few who will still eat too much, do Pilgrim crafts and thank the Lord that He led those pasty-faced Europeans to the most beautiful land on the planet.  That He rose up mighty men of God to establish a nation based on inalienable rights from our Creator.  That long ago there were brave men and women who sacrificed, worked hard with their hands and built something new and something better.

What about your grandchildren?  How will they celebrate the fourth Thursday of November?




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