Laundry.  It never ends.  Seriously, every single day my children insist on wearing clothes.  Why?  What is this obsession with being dressed?  Don’t they know that what they are collectively wearing will have to be gathered, washed, dried, folded and then eventually (someday, maybe) put away?

Apparently nudity is frowned upon by society, so the laundry struggle will continue.  Around here than means about 12-15 loads per week, plus crisis laundry (bed pee, sports uniforms, mud ball fight aftermath, you-have-to-wash-my-favorite-princess-dress, etc.)

This means that my laundry room can become a hot mess.  Since it’s summer and we are taking a blessed-thank-you-Jesus break from homeschooling, I feel like I should attempt some productivity.  So the laundry room got a 4-hour deep clean.  (aka don’t be impressed by the cleanliness because that is not the norm!)

Since I’ve found that laundry is a common struggle among my large family friends, I thought I’d show you how I organized mine.  You’ll quickly see that it’s not cute, a chandelier is conspicuously absent and my appliances are from the stone age.  But it is a nice-sized room and I am grateful for it.  (I apologize for the grainy phone photos.  Who has time to walk all the way to the car to get their real camera?!)

Large Family Laundry

My momma always said, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”

Large Family Laundry


More about the gift box.  I’d love to hear your sock solution!

Large Family Laundry


In the summer my kids wear swim suits so often that it makes no sense to put them in their drawers.  Plus it makes it faster to pack up the pool bag.

Large Family Laundry


ProTip: Spray your stains right away, then throw them in the wash or the hamper.  Actually the longer it sits before you wash it, the better.  The resolve spray is especially great at ketchup and yellow infant poo!

Large Family Laundry



So there you have it.  My non-glamorous laundry room with grout that desperately needs cleaning!  Maybe that will happen next summer!


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